Wild Caird

Photo-collage from INTO THE ODD Remastered

Replacing the dice

Take a regular pack of playing cards.

“Rolling” the “dice”

Aces are always low (they always score 1).

Rolling d20

Instead draw two cards and sum the values (this is almost identical to 2d10, though probabilities skew as the discard pile builds).


Regardless of damage dice, weapons now deal as much damage as a single draw (this means damage is likely to be higher; you might want to impair more attacks).

Impaired and enhanced

If a draw is impaired, instead use the suit as value: spades have 1 point, hearts have 2 halves, clubs have 3 segments, diamonds have 4 edges.

Diceless chargen

  • Draw seven cards.
  • Create three pairs in any order that you choose & assign each score to STR, DEX & WIL.
  • Treat the unpaired card as impaired. This value becomes hp.
  • Assign equipment as usual.



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