sean f. smith / he, him
2 min readSep 29, 2023
black and white illustration of a ruined building: bridge and tower to the front, ruined manor to the rear

herein we continue our Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil…

Dramatis personae

  • Gondor, a pretty-boy fighter with his simp Farmere in tow
  • Parson, an old statue that learned magic
  • Maoam, an old man that learned magic
  • Pastor Chase, surfer cleric
  • Merry Poppins, normcore hobbit with his two snake sons
  • Chidi, sneaky thief lad

Dramatic personing

  • Regroup with the reinforcements by way of Parson’s wall-door (Chidi catches a fish!)
  • Descends the stairs to the corpse of the ghast — ambused by ghouls! Chase surfs down the steps, knocks one ghoul to the ground, where it’s killed by a dagger from Maoam; the other ghoul is cymbal-clashed by Merry and Farmere, then killed by one of Merry’s snakes
  • Brief exploration of empty prison cells and torture dungeon
  • Through another door, and directly into an evil priest having a meeting with her two gnoll mercenaries: 6–6 on the reaction roll and a perfect “oh we were sent to join you all” from the cleric meant Gren mistook the party for actual reinforcement and new recruits — “we’ve found all the stuff we expect, want to see it? also we’re going to close up the obelisk in a few days if you want to take a look you better do so soon.”
  • Guided through the dungeon to the barracks and shown the way down to the obelisk pool — “right I’ve got to finish stuff up, it’s just down there you see” — when left alone the party immediately broke into the locked box in the barracks (suffering a magickal acid-bath in the process and finding several objects of usefulness
  • We leave them at the lip of the pit to the obelisk…


  • 225xp each
  • Two potions, two scrolls, six tindertwigs, and a journal!
  • The trust of Gren and reluctant acceptance from the gnolls and undead
  • Insider secrets — information about the Temple of All Consumption and its location