My ODND houserules

sean f. smith / he, him
3 min readSep 13, 2021

Thanks to too many D6

illumination from medieval manuscript; two men with dark hair and pale skin playing dice in foreground; two people seemingly kissing in the distance


  • Roll D6 for hp.
  • Roll 2D6 in order for STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA.
  • With INT 9+, gain a language. With CON 9+, gain 1 bonus hp. With CHA 9+, gain a retainer (classless, D6 hp).
  • Choose an estate: war, worship, wizardry.
  • Start with leather or chain armour and any two other items. Capacity is six.


  • Combat modifier equal to HD. With STR 9+, increase c-mod for melee attacks by 1. With DEX 9+, increase c-mod for ranged attacks by 1.
  • Sweep! Warriors can forgo their c-mod to make that many attacks against adjacent HD1 foes.
  • Roll at least one one when making an attack to succeed at a gambit. The gambit is reversed on a roll of double-six.


  • Combat modifier equal to HD/2.
  • +1 on saves vs undead or aberrants.
  • Sense evil within 20y.
  • Favours per day equal to HD, from these options:
  1. CONTROL FEAR: ignore fear effects today
  2. BOLSTER: you and allies recover 1hp
  3. ENDURE: reroll a failed death save
  4. TURN UNDEAD: 2D6 undead creatures of equal or lesser HD to you cannot approach / attack


  • Combat modifier equal to HD/3.
  • Begin with 2 spells (add another from a different source with INT 9+). Find (or steal) new spells in the wild.
  • HD+1 spell pulses each day. Expend a pulse to cast a spell.
  • Spend 1hp to cast a spell with no pulses left.
  • Spend 1hp to cast a spell higher than your level.
  • Minor magic at will based on the spells in your brain (never causes / negates a roll).


  • Base saving throw is 2D6 vs 10+.
  • If you are prepared for a situation, save vs 8+. Preparation might include knowledge, high attributes, specialist tools.
  • Save vs death is 2D6 vs 10+. You can never be prepared for death.


  • Gain 10xp for each 1gp of treasure discovered — not captured / spent.
  • Gain 100xp for achieving known milestones. (Milestones are not the end of a journey.)
  • Gain 100xp per HD of defeated / overcome enemies.
  • Fighters level up at 2000xp, clerics at 1500xp, wizards at 2500xp. Target doubles each level.


  • Roll under target AC + combat mod on 2D6.
  • Unarmoured AC9, leather AC7, chain AC5, plate AC3. Shields lower this value by 1.
  • Weapons deal D6 damage.
  1. 1H weapons enable shield / torch.
  2. 2H weapons gives +1 on damage.
  3. Two weapons give +1 to c-mod.
  • Once out of hp, each further instance of damage calls for save vs death.
  • Recover 1hp for each day spent resting. The first day doesn’t count.


  • Roll D6 for party and D6 for encounter. If either side beats the other by 3+, they have surprise and can ambush / evade. If neither side beats the other by that much, the dice sum is how far apart the encounter begins (*10' inside, *10yds. outside)


  • Roll 2D6.
  • 2–5, attack; 6–8, avoid; 9–12 assist.


  • Retainers and monsters individually check morale when their leader dies or all are hurt.
  • Retainers use their boss’ CHA as morale value.
  • Save vs panic: reroll reaction and modify current behaviour accordingly.