Here’s looking at genetech soldiers, kid

White text on black background reads FIST. Above the text, in much smaller text, reads FREELANCE INFANTRY STRIKE TEAM. There’s a wireframe illustration of an assault rifle splayed in front of the text.


# FOR OPERATIVE EYES ONLY #::: target to deposit a package at unknown safehouse
::: learn location of safehouse
::: secure package
::: do not reveal FIST involvement
- Nothing can be traced back to us
- You will need to find weapons on-site


  • 1–3 = TACTICAL = complicate the operatives’ plans
  • 4–5 = ESPIONAGE = information is lost, corrupted, or falsified
  • 6 = ACTION = instigate chaos, a chase, a combat



  • WANTS — eliminate loose ends
  • paint the scenewhat looks or behaviours reveal someone is an agent of the state?
  1. blockade the town
  2. impose curfew
  3. seize personal and private assets
  4. enact ensurgency
# AGENTS OF THE STATE #::: Queen's Bishop, sniper
::: Laced-in-Soup, ex-paramilitary


  • WANTS — launch the space-laser
  • paint the scene — how did we get this intel and why do we trust it?
  1. create an over-the-top distraction
  2. secure the package
  3. establish a perimeter at the old mine
  4. launch the space-laser!
# SPLINTER AGENTS #::: Model MkII, failed psion
::: Hasan Polearm, tactician and wrestler


  • 1–3 = nominally determinist
  • 4–5 = ironic
  • 6 = a play on words
# EXAMPLE NAMES #::: Medics, Unicom, Quiksan, Futurfast, Warrin, Ocuwit, Fructose, Bear, February Complex, Guide



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