Herchard’s Ford: a once-frontier settlement for odnd

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greyscale overhead map of a small conurbation. The map is annotated with district names
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Herchard’s Ford is the only place on the arctic plain where you can safely cross the Abishan River, having been founded by Emiran Herchart ninety years ago.

It’s also the place where you gather before heading to the Perpetual Temple of the Pale Falcon, on the edge of the Abishan Mtns.

Since it’s unincorporated with either of the adjoining kingdoms, it’s both an excellent place for delegates to meet on neutral ground, and an excellent place to indulge in moral vices — sex work, gambling, blood sports, and such.

  • if numbers are your thing, here are numbers for Herchard’s Ford—ST·11, IQ·14, WS·04

District gazeteer

Herchard’s Fort·ress

London analog: Canary Wharf | ST+ IQ= WS++

  • NOW a private garrison, housing almost one score troops
  • AND it’s used at a formal meeting-place for foreign diplomats
  • THEN, it was a keep designed to protect settlers from wildlife and inclement weather

The West Bank

London analog: the Strand | ST+ IQ– WS++

  • NOW a commonplace high-street, the same you’d see in a market town
  • AND there’s apprenticeships galore here
  • THEN it was an area for food stalls and firepits


London analog: Soho | ST– IQ–! WS+

  • NOW a tourist-trap redevelopment
  • AND still the red-light district
  • THEN, the outer limits of the settlement

The Horn

London analog: Hampton Court | ST+ IQ+ WS+

  • NOW the site of the first Herchart House
  • AND a public zoological garden
  • THEN, the site of the first Herchart House


London analog: Hampstead | ST– IQ– WS+

  • NOW primarily a village for the elderly
  • AND houses the oldest tree for three-hundred leagues
  • THEN, a quarantine encampment

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