[ Gygax 75 | part three ] Wereham

1. Describe the dungeon entrance in a handful of words

A crumbling fourteenth-century gatehouse with plexi-glass over bad stained glass.

2. Maps and markers

b/w picture of several blob-and-line maps in a journal

3. Populate the dungeon

  1. dust-cats HD1–1
  2. broken thralls HD1
  3. wolf-rats HD1–1
  4. gray mold HD1 (patience)
  5. venomous frogs HD1–1
  6. lost thralls HD1+1
  7. cockatrice HD2 (I said no folklore in general, but this is too specific for a market town not to have — if you’ve never read the legend of Wherwell, go do that)
  8. stalagcape (definitely not a cloaker nope) HD2
  9. bat-clade HD2+1
  10. the rider on a pale warg HD2 / HD1+2 (mortality)
  11. monk-liche HD3 (clergy)

4. Treasure!

  1. pearl rosary
  2. anatomically correct obsidian heart
  3. prehistorical quilt
  4. ax-head made of bronze filigree
  5. figs preserved in bile
  6. three motile rocks
  7. accursed carbon monoxide vial
  8. Ascupart’s greaves of strength
  9. a book of seven lies
  10. perpetual charcoal pencil



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