APHAIRS [ver 0,2]


You weren’t born a hero: you chose to take that on. Your SKILL score determines your training, awareness and precision. Your STAMINA score determines how strong and resilient you are. Your LUCK score describes how often fortune smiles on you.

Roll D12 three times. Distribute those values amongst SKILL, STAMINA, and LUCK. If any of these scores are 6 or lower, add 4 to it.

You begin with a backpack, a weapon, a tool, and a meal.

Changing scores

The scores you roll at chargen are your maximum scores. Those won’t change. SKILL is rarely lost; severe trauma causes a loss of 2 SKILL that can be restored with specialist attention. STAMINA changes frequently, typically in combat. Eating a meal doubles your current STAMINA, or increases it by 1. LUCK decreases as you test it. Whenever you roll your current LUCK value, increase your LUCK by 1.

Testing scores

When you act, you act, you’ll achieve what you set out to (unless it was impossible). Sometimes you may be at risk of negative outcomes and you’ll need to make a test. Roll D12. If this is less than or equal to the relevant score, you avoid the consequence.

If you were testing LUCK, your LUCK score is then reduced by 1.

If you don’t have necessary tools for the job (such as a weapon in combat) reduce your score by 4 for the purposes of the test.

Common situations


You can carry six items in your backpack. If you want to carry more, you’ll have to leave something else behind. Your backpack doesn’t count against this limit.


If you didn’t eat yesterday, reduce your STAMINA by half.


You are not a wizard. You might find strange magical tools and weapons.


The referee rolls D12 for each group of creatures encountered:

  • 1–2. HOSTILE
  • 3–6. WARY
  • 7–10. CURIOUS
  • 11–12. HELPFUL


  1. Each turn, combatants roll D12 and add their SKILL to produce a combat strength.
  2. Each combatant then decides who they want to hurt: if their combat strength is higher, the target loses 2 STAMINA; if the scores tie, both lose 2 STAMINA.
  3. Combatants can gang up at this time.
  4. When STAMINA is lost, players may test their LUCK. If successful, they can halve or double any incidence of STAMINA loss. This can stack.
  5. Monsters are defeated when their STAMINA reaches 0.
  6. Players whose STAMINA reaches 0 are at death’s door. They must test their LUCK for each further instance of damage to avoid being killed.


When a group of monsters loses its leader or when everyone in the group is hurt, they may flee or surrender. Monsters individually test their SKILL, continuing to fight on a success.

Multiple combatants

If the referee is managing a large number of combatants, roll once for each group.

Powerful opponents

Rarely, some strong monsters may have multiple attacks. Use the multiple combatants rule in this case. These monsters are at death’s door when they reach 0 STAMINA and test SKILL to survive potential death blows.



Steal monsters from Quarrel & Fable, Troika!, or Advanced Fighting Fantasy. Alternatively roll D12 for SKILL and STAMINA.


You might choose a culture at chargen.

  • DWARF. Test SKILL instead of LUCK when underground.
  • ELF. You never hunger.
  • HUMAN. Test LUCK instead of STAMINA when poisoned or diseased.
  • UNDERHILD. Second breakfast! You may eat four meals a day.


Thanks Steve Jackson, Darkest Dungeon, Roberston Sondoh Jr, each for REASONS.

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